In 2017 National Academy of Theatre Arts in Kraków changed its name from "PWST" to "AST".

This resulted in the need to change the logo and created an occasion to refresh and set the visual identity in order. The new AST mark in its construction and overall shape is similar to a fine and well known logo designed in the 80s by Jerzy Napieracz.

Along with the new logo we designed the whole visual identity including signage system for the main building and Academy branches in Wrocław and Bytom, typography, range of colours, layout constants for documents, corporate, information and promotion materials.

As a part of organizing the corporate identity we also unified the look of information and promotion materials accompanying graduation performances. So far the creators of each performance had a free hand with the visuals, and from now on all the posters, programs brochures etc. will have a unified look and communicate AST at first glance.







Creative director: Marcin Wolny

Art direction & design: Tomasz Jurecki