Fruit, water and sugar.

*Polish for "rascal", "varmint"

Bottled, ready to drink kompot – traditional Polish beverage, that brings refreshment on summer days and warms up on cold evenings. We rediscover it, reminding everyone of their favourite childhood flavours. 

Scope of branding:
Naming, logotype, key visual, illustrations, hand-drawn type, industrial design of the bottle, social media design, design and development of the website, photoshoot production, series of marketing and promotional materials. 



We are responsible for the industrial design of the bottle. Its shape is inspired by retro returnable glass milk bottles and preserve jars. Thanks to a wide bottle neck one can easily eat out the fruit after drinking the liquid :). 

The brand is inspired by childhood nostalgia, adventures in the courtyards and beverages prepared by Mothers and Grannies. Hand-drawn lettering and illustrations highlight the authentic character of the brand, its simplicity and natural ingredients.



art direction: Julek Wierzchowski
design: Paulina Duźniak, Julek Wierzchowski
sesja zdjęciowa: Oni Studio / Justyna Kuska, Maciek Jeżyk
website: Maciej Mach, Jan Drozd, Piotr Baran
copy: Anna Słowiakowska
prowadzenie projektu: Mirosław Kliś