Krakow Jewish Culture Festival is one of the biggest and oldest festivals presenting both traditional and modern Jewish culture in the world. The program of each edition includes concerts, lectures, meetings, workshops, exhibitions, happenings – each year it attracts about 30 000 people.

"We are not a klezmer festival – we are a festival of contemporary and diverse Jewish culture. Remembering the past and tradition, we show what the Jewish culture of tomorrow will look like".

Creation of an identity which will cut away from the past burdens and stereotypes, and show, that Jewish culture is constantly developing and evolving.

Solving the key problems: lack of a clear key message and weak coordination of promotional activities. Organization and modernization of the the Festival s promotional, PR, visual and information activities, designing the information structure as well as the visual identity. A clear communication of the FKŻ role as an event presenting both traditional and modern culture, with the emphasis on the latter. Design of a new logo, which refers to the Lion of Judah – one of the central symbols of Judaism, however not overexploited like the Star of David, Hamsa or menorah.

Elaboration of program changes, division of the program into five parts, profiled by the diversity of the repertoire as well as the character of the recipients: Classic, Off, Art, Idee, Kids as well as marking the accompanying events – FKŻ & Co. Design of a homogenous visual identity, implementation of promotion and information materials, production of a video spot.



Creative direction: Marcin Wolny
Concept: Marcin Wolny, Łukasz Wojtysko, Mirosław Kliś
Design: Marcin Wolny, Oksana Shmygol,
Julek Wierzchowski, Tomasz Jurecki
Video: Łukasz Wiśniewski