KBF is more than 20 years old. Since it was created in 1997 this municipal institution has changed substantially. The changes are so profound that even its initial name The Kraków Festival Office does not suit it anymore. Today except for organisation of Kraków festivals, it deals with a much broader spectrum of activities, it operates in areas such as culture, business, tourism, education, meetings and leisure. To promote the city efficiently and communicate its own brand KBF needed a corporate identity system which is contemporary, efficient and easy to operate.

The new logo directly refers to the previous one, distinctive and recognisable. Similar to the previous logotype the new one focuses on the acronym KBF, easy to say and remember, which becomes the primary brand name. The stylised asterisk from the old logo was replaced by a different typographical symbol – the colon, which precedes a long list of activities and areas of KBFs competence. 

From the previously used corporate colours – dark blue and orange – we kept the orange as a bright and characteristic brand colour. The dark blue was replaced by the more universal black and white, which are the more neutral addition to the leading colour. While the perfectly geometric colon used in the logo together with a set of additional typographical symbols became the leitmotif  for all the promotion and information materials. 




In addition to the new logo the whole new visual language for KBF was created: more contemporary and consistent typography, an extensive visual identity system and a full brand manual for KBF with additional information on how the identity should be used to promote the brands, products and institutions subordinate to it and cooperating with it.





Creative direction: Marcin Wolny
Design & art direction: Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki
Webdesign & coding: Maciej Mach, Piotr Baran, Jan Drozd
Management: Mirosław Kliś

Client's Team
Izabela Helbin: Director of KBF
Michał Zalewski: Spokesperson for the KBF and Member of the Management
Aleksandra Wdowiak: Acting Deputy Director for Marketing
Małgorzata Marszałek: Head of Communication Department
Alicja Tokarczyk: Head of Branding and Creation Department
Paula Święch – Wałaszek: Communication Specialist
Mieszko Hajkowski: Communication Specialist
Anna Górska: Senior Creation and Branding Specialist

The rebranding wasn't a mere lifting of the visual layer, the whole communication style, tone of voice, language and narrative was redefined.