Miastologia is a developer, or rather a developer start-up, introducing a completely new offer to the market: apartments that are perfectly designed in terms of utility.

Ergonomic and economical, well-lit and easy to ventilate, based on modular partition which allows them to be easily divided, connected an rearranged.
The majority of the marketing funds were spent on a description of the complicated and unusal offer on the website, which is also the only sales channel and effective at that.
Three housing estates are created - designed with the same attention to functional properties: compact, with well-thought-out layouts and modern shared spaces, storage, parking and other solutions.
The method of selling is also innovative: the appartments can only be bought online, and instead of a sales office, the buyer can visit the model apartment - a 1:1 prototype of the target solutions.

We designed the corporate identity. Together with the client we found a way to talk about the product and both a verbal and a visual language of commumication. We developed a presentation of the B2B and B2C offers, as well as a complete set of sales materials and branding for the office, a model apartment and the estates.








2013 / 2016
Creative direction: Marcin Wolny
Design: Tomasz Jurecki, Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski
Digital design, creative development, digital production: RIOT
Foto: Tomasz SzkodziƄski, Mateusz Torbus