app design

Talixo's goal is to provide quality rides that connect: from A to B; customers with drivers; technology with expertise. It all started in 2012 with an idea to optimise the booking process for taxis and limousines, usinmethods and technologies from the airline industry.

Scope of the project:
branding, brand communication, key visual, brand manual, stationary, social media.

key visual

With Talixo the passenger gets a complete package with regards to price, comfort and flexibility, as well as approved quality of drivers and vehicles. He can simply lean back and enjoy the ride.

icon design


Talixo is a global corporation which needs to communicate with different client groups. To distinguish different types of communication one can use branding elements (icons, colour, typography, photography (colour or black and white) with different intensity.

Individual clients

More orange colour paired with large scale icons and colour photography create the friendly and warm atmosphere and are used to communicate with individual clients. This way, branding helps us guide clients through the services that talixo provides and explain the way they work in an easy and fun way.

Talixo fleet

Reducing the amount of orange and using infographic-style imagery where large-scale elements from the logo are used in combination with simple car shots we can take brand communication to a more technical and formal level, which works well for communicating with the talixo fleet.

Corporate clients and investors

As we change photographic material to black and white, use bold typography, simple grid-based layouts, we create visuals for corporate clients and investors, who search for a highly professional and trustworthy partner.










The primary corporate typeface for talixo is a simple modern Swiss-designed sans-serif Theinhardt. Being most characteristic in larger sizes, it is used primarily as a display font for short slogans and titles. Roboto, a libre sans-serif available on Google Fonts, is used in longer body text as well as in documents which need to be edited online.





brand manual
The style of icons is derived from signs used in airports, road signs and generally signage of all kinds.

Bright orange is the primary brand colour. It is positive, strong and highly characteristic, inspired by classic signage and transportation design. 


Design Team: Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski, Paulina Duźniak
Project manager: Mirosław Kliś