X-lander is a producer of strollers and children accessories. The introduction of a new collection in 2016 was an opportunity for the brand's image overhaul.



We developed the brand's new language of communication, both verbal and visual. The range of work encompassed the narrative around the product, texts, a refreshement of the corporate identity, a new key visual, a photo session and implementation of projects - marketing and sales materials, packages and a website.
We changed the typography and the sign's details so that it can be correctly reproduced by any reproduction technique. We developed a brand new system of product labelling and designed a series of packages and POS materials for strollers and a wide range of accessories.
The city is ours

Manoeuvring over pavements, narrow passages, stairs and sloping drives … Urban walks are a challenge. X-Cite understands the urban lifestyle perfectly. It lets you smoothly and easily reach your favourite playground, while performing equally well on shopping trips. The X-Cite is light enough to glide over obstacles. Open up to the city and walk where you choose."

Design & art direction:
Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski
Strategia: Paweł Loedl
Web: Maciej Mach, Jan Drozd, Piotr Baran
Foto: Małgorzata Turczyńska
Copywriting: Anna Maria Słowiakowska
Project management: Mirosław Kliś
Prowadzący ze strony Klienta: Ewa Machura



The website is above all a presentation of the newest collection of the X-lander strollers. It comprehensively presents each stroller, its colors, parameters and important features. It is also a versatile platform with a full content edition and options to create themed landing pages and freely develop structures and contents of the site.
Always on the road

Every walk can become a real adventure, it’s enough to turn off the familiar park lanes and onto woodland paths. Whether it’s the forest of the beach, the X-Move can deal with every road and every kind of terrain. A stroller for real explorers. X-move is perfect in the city, but shows its real strengths in rugged terrain."