29. JCF: Earth

The 29th Jewish Culture Festival initiated a cycle dedicated to the four elements. Its first installment was earth. It’s various facets and interpretations were the main theme of the event’s visual identity.

Festival visual identity:

Research, trends
Style and tone

Visual identity

Key visual
Graphic elements
Motion design



Venue signage
Festival prints
Posters, banners
Social media communication framework
Material selection, technical preparation


Web Design
Front-end development
Back-end development
System integration

Earth – according to the PWN Dictionary of the Polish Language: 1. The third planet of the Solar System; 2. A layer of sand, clay, humus, etc. forming the land surface; 3. The surface on which people move; 4. Land that is someone’s property; 5. Colloquially – the floor; 6. An area forming a certain whole, e.g., ethnographic, geographic; 7. Land; 8. Country, homeland; 9. One of the four elements constituting nature.

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Metallic gold, always present in the visual identity of the JCF, took on a copper hue this time, and the visualization was based on everything close to the earth. Or Earth.

In the heart of Krakow’s Kazimierz, a large tent was erected, marking the area for festival meetings and events.

JCF volunteers – Machers – wore unique, hand-dyed festival t-shirts with organic patterns and metallic copper applications.

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