BABA – A fresh perspective on cuisine

Baba. An exceptional word – one of the first we utter in our lives. Simultaneously ordinary and mysterious. Similar to this new, surprisingly flavorful Wrocław bistro.

Visual identity of the restaurant:

Visual code of categories
Research, trends
Style, tone

Visual identity

Graphic elements
Motion design

Written identity

Brand dictionary


Selecting photos and illustrations

Photo shoot – art direction

Implementation and maintenance

Social media communication framework
Oznaczenia z zewnątrz i wewnątrz restauracji
Design system
Brand manual
Material selection, technical preparation


Website design
Front-end development
Back-end development
Systems integration

With experience and culinary knowledge, BABA cooks with an open mind. In a unique way, it combines Polish and international ingredients. It plays with presentation because after all, the eyes also feast.

BABA was created by: Beata Śniechowska, winner of the 2nd edition of MasterChef Poland, and Tomasz Czechowski. Creators of the iconic restaurant Młoda Polska.

The BABA logo fits perfectly with various messages, places, and surfaces, and its meaning changes depending on the context. There are no limits here. Other than ones imagination.

The restaurants intriguing, eclectic interior design is the work of Zuza and Piotr Paradowski’s architectural studio from Krakow.

We created a series of organic patterns, in which we explored various manifestations of BABA. Then, we used them to create illustrative materials both online and offline.

We prepared a set of easy-to-use template elements for social media. Posts can be created independently, even on a phone or iPad.

We also designed the subtle branding for dishes, glassware and invitations.

See you in BABA.

Design team:
Tomek Jurecki, Julek Wierzchowski, Oksana Shmygol, Oliwia Zypser, Łukasz Wojtysko, Michał Róg, Jan Drozd, Mirek Kliś
Interior design:
Zuza i Piotr Paradowscy
BABA team:
Beata Sniechowska, Tomek Czechowski

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