Different ways for apples

Over 6 years ago, we helped launch a brand that creates delicious products from apples. It has since become a category leader, and the number of Bracia Sadownicy enthusiasts continues to grow.

Branding marki napojów, soków, przetworów:
Stylistic assumptions

Research, trends
Style, tone

Visual identity

Key visual
Graphic elements
Icons and infographics
Motion design

Written identity



Graphic concept
Preparation and supervision of printing

Implementation and maintenance

Social media framework
Promortional campaigns
Photo shoot, film – art direction
Materials templates
Selection and preparation of materials
Design system
Brand manual


User Experience Design
Web Design

We started off with a single product. In the beginning there was the orchard, the brothers and apple juice.


We created a visual world that grows along with the brand, adapting to an expanding portfolio, new initiatives, and campaigns.

A robust visual world

The brothers have created products for various palates and seasons. Every season brings new ways to enjoy apples.

Sparkling juices, thick smoothies, roasted pieces, and crisps.

The heart of the brand is located in the family orchard in Śmiłowice. In building brand recognition, we focused on connecting key elements: their own cultivation, fresh apples, and products.

Bold colors and refined studio photography helped us distinguish Bracia Sadownicy on the mass-market shelf.

We accompany the Brothers in their daily operations. We design everything from the key visual, through the selection of paper and finishes for labels, to guidelines for photo shoots.

The robust visual system ensures consistency while allowing for differentiation in communication depending on the type of medium, occasion, or product.

Promotional campaigns

We also handled the preparation of campaigns for social media. We translated the graphic language into video content.

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Maja Popielarska and Eliza Kmita, known as the author of the White Plate blog, were invited to collaborate.

The Bracia Sadownicy products can be purchased in local stores, supermarkets, and gas stations. From the orchard in Śmiłowice, they go directly to Żabka, Carrefour, Biedronka, or Lidl.

Like the Bracia Sadownicy products, the website was meant to be natural and close to the people. Therefore, the Empathy Map played a key role throughout the design process. In creating the new site, besides expanding the educational content and enabling online purchases from selected e-retailers, we focused on capturing the essence of each product as deeply as possible.

since 2017
Design team:
Julek Wierzchowski, Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki, Patrycja Mola, Łukasz Wojtysko, Anna Slowiakowska, Mariusz Czepiec, Michał Róg, Mirek Kliś
Bracia Sadownicy team:
Aleksandra Głuchowska, Dawid Błaszczyk, Marta Marczak, Konrad Jędrzejak, Aleksandra Marchiwińska
Studio Fantastico, Karolina Puchalska

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