Conjointly - a handy research tool

A research platform that assists in conducting consumer research. Using it, we can rely on professional support, advanced tools, and extensive databases.

Rebranding marki:
Brand strategy

Brand analysis and diagnosis
Research, trends
Style, tone
Communication strategy

Visual identity

Logo redesign
Key visual
Icons and infographics
Motion design


Communication visuals templates
Pitch deck templates
Design system
Brand manual


User Experience Design
Web Design

Conjointly operates with data, but the main focus is on people—our daily behaviors, needs, and choices. While working on the rebranding, we decided to combine scientific elements with those that are friendly and human-centered.

Infographics were an important reference point for us, as it’s hard to imagine any research results without them. We decided to incorporate them into the key visual itself, playing with scale and colors.

The new visual identity system enables attractive and consistent brand communication across various platforms. We designed responsive, scalable, static, and dynamic solutions.

The graphic design of the website was a significant technical challenge. Conjointly is an extensive and automated platform. After a thorough audit, we prepared a Design System and templates that allowed for the effective implementation of the new identity, primarily at the CSS level, without the need for time-consuming and costly reconstruction.

Infographics serve a dual purpose here: they build branding and allow for the presentation of research results. We developed both colorful and monochromatic illustrations to suit various formats.

Thanks to our collaborative efforts, the Conjointly brand decided to develop new consumer research tools. This led to the creation of Brand Testing and Graphic Design Feedback.

Design team:
Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski, Tomek Jurecki, Mariusz Czepiec, Marysia Smaga

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