Element Talks is a knowledge sharing platform dedicated to entrepreneurship of designers and practical aspects of their work. It shows how to take care of ones finances and rights, how to communicate well with clients, how to negotiate and cooperate with others.
Each year the conference attracts over 3000 designers from all over Europe. During the event world-class experts in the field of design share their successes and failures showing the backstage of their profession

Element Talks is also s portal with articles, videos and interviews dedicated to the work of designers.


5 editions
8 500 participants
19 000 fans on facebook

Element Talks is the biggest conference in Poland that unites graphic and industrial designers, architects, and people connected to design. It is an event that integrates the creative community and helps young professionals find their way of the market.



Art direction & design: Julek Wierzchowski,
Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki,
Wsparcie merytoryczne: Mariusz Czepiec
Web: Maciej Mach