Fabrado - next generation private cloud.

A professional solution supporting management of private and hybrid clouds. It combines the benefits of both while eliminating their drawbacks.

Brand strategy

Visual codes of the category
Desk research analysis
Style and tone

Visual identity

Key visual
Graphic elements
Motion design

App interface

User Experience Design
User Interface Design


Material selection, technical preparation
Communication framework templates
Pitch deck template
Technology explainers
App interface elements

The product’s essence is simplicity. Managing, backing up, and moving virtual machines between distant locations becomes extremely simple and is reduced to a few clicks.

The branding is maintained in black and white. Graphic elements were selected to reflect the simplicity of the product.

User Interface

Managing infrastructure can be simple. Complicated, inconvenient, and stressful operations can be hidden under the surface of a simple interface that granting the user peace, ease, and spare time.

Animations and charts explain the key features of the product. Based on these, we designed sales support materials – the pitch deck and advertising campaign elements.

Design & art direction:
Tomasz Jurecki, Julek Wierzchowski, Maciej Mach, Mirosław Kliś

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