Hultaj - fruits, water and sugar

Hultaj is a bottled, ready-to-drink compote. It’s a traditional beverage that refreshes on hot summer days and warms on cool evenings. We are rediscovering it, reminding you of the flavors from childhood playgrounds.

Beverage line branding:
Brand strategy

Category visual codes
Desk research analysis
Communication, narration style and tone

Written identity

Brand name
Brand dictionary

Visual identity

Key visual
Icons and infographics
Motion design


Bottle design
Label graphic designs
Technical preparation, supervision


Social media framework templates
Material selection, preparation
Photo shoot – art direction, execution
Design system
Brand manual


User Experience Design
Web Design
Front-end development
Back-end development

The brand is based on nostalgia for childhood, backyard adventures, and drinks made by mothers and grandmothers. Handwritten lettering and illustrations highlight the product’s craft nature, simplicity, and natural ingredient origins.

The packaging is inspired by old-school returnable milk bottles and preserve jars. The wide neck makes it easier to eat the fruits after drinking the compote.

During the photo shoot, we returned to our own childhood memories: hours spent in the yard under the clothesline, dangerous slingshot games, and daily adventures.

since 2021
Design team:
Julek Wierzchowski, Paulina Duźniak, Anna Słowiakowska, Oni Studio / Justyna Kuska, Maciek Jeżyk, Maciej Mach, Jan Drozd, Piotr Baran, Mirek Kliś

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