KBF - culture, business, festivals

A municipal institution founded in 1997, KBF operates in the fields of culture, business, tourism, education, and local initiatives.

Rebranding marki:

Brand analysis and diagnosis
Brand architecture and portfolio
Desk research analysis
Style and tone

Visual Identity

Logo redesign
Sub-brand signage system
Key visual
Icons and infographics
Motion design


Material selection, technical preparation
Communication templates
Pitch deck presentation template
Design system
Brand manual


User experience design
Web design
Front-end development
Back-end development
System integration

The previous full name, Krakowskie Biuro Festiwalowe (Krakow Festival Office), became too limiting. We decided to use the acronym KBF in communication, expanded as culture, business, festivals.

The new logo directly references the previous, recognizable, and successful symbol. The focus remains on the acronym, which is easy to pronounce and remember, and will now be used in communication as the sole name (without other simplifications such as “Biuro” or “Office”). The previous star-shaped asterisk has been replaced with a colon, opening up a long list of KBF’s activities and competencies.

From the old colors, we retained orange. Navy blue was replaced with a more universal black. The colon, with additional signs, became the leitmotif of all informational and promotional materials.

New visual language of KBF

We designed typography, graphics, templates, and a set of rules for creating subsequent projects implemented or commissioned by KBF.

The rebranding of KBF also includes a change in written and spoken narrative.

Studio team:
Marcin Wolny, Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki, Maciej Mach, Piotr Baran, Jan Drozd, Mirosław Kliś
Client team:
Izabela Helbin: dyrektor KBF. Michał Zalewski: członek dyrekcji, rzecznik KBF, dyrektor projektu. Aleksandra Wdowiak: zastępca dyrektor KBF ds. marketingu. Małgorzata Marszałek: kierownik Działu Komunikacji. Alicja Tokarczyk: kierownik Działu Kreacji i Brandingu. Paula Święch – Wałaszek: specjalista ds. komunikacji. Mieszko Hajkowski: specjalista ds. komunikacji. Anna Górska: starszy specjalista ds. kreacji i brandingu

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