Łan - new positioning of oil

ŁAN is an exceptional rapeseed oil, pressed by a family-owned company in the heart of Greater Poland.

Oil branding:
Brand strategy

Brand analysis and diagnosis
Visual codes of the category
Desk research analysis
Style and tone

Written identity

Brand name

Visual identity

Key visual


Design and graphic concept
Preparation and supervision of printing


Social media framework
Sales deck presentation
Material selection, technical preparation
Design system
Brand manual

Our task was to develop branding that would allow rapeseed oil to compete with olive oil on the table. We are responsible for the comprehensive brand identity: name, logo, illustrations, packaging design, and product marketing communication.

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The stoneware jars are produced in a family factory operating for 30 years. Their production is a slow process—from shaping and color selection to traditional casting and kiln firing.

Design team:
Julek Wierzchowski, Marcin Wolny, Anna Słowiakowska, Mateusz Torbus, Mirek Kliś

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