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Racibórz is a multicultural mosaic. Over the centuries, various traditions have intersected here, with each adding another chapter to the rich history of this fascinating city.

City rebranding:
Brand strategy

Brand analysis and diagnosis
Brand architecture
Research, trends
Communication strategy
Style, tone

Visual identity

City logo
Sub-brand labelling system
Graphic elements
Icons, infographics
Motion design


City print templates
Social media communication framework
Promotional materials – information
Brand manual

The new visual identity features a logo inspired by the coat of arms of Racibórz and a clear markings system for institutions associated with the city.

We incorporated the geometry of the coat of arms of Racibórz in the new emblem. The bipartite shield consists of an eagle and a wooden wheel.


In creating materials, we aimed to look not only to the past but also to the present and future of the city. Hence, the slogan directed at present residents of Racibórz, encouraging them to collectively create history.

Translating the idea into visual language we chose shapes characteristic of the city such as architectural details of buildings, the spatial layout of green areas and exhibits found in the City Museum.

The Key Visual was designed in a way that allows freedom in scaling and coloring. The geometric shapes can also serve as masks for photographs and illustrations.

The system is flexible and allows the creation of diverse materials. Classic solutions have been designed with official communication from the City Hall in mind. More creative ones are suitable for cultural institutions and city events.

Official materials

For the City Hall’s simple and elegant layouts, we utilized delicate, linear illustrations of landmarks alongside a minimalist color palette.

Promotional materials

Layouts promoting events are less formal. They feature more movement, shapes, and colors.

The Promotion Department continues to implement solutions proposed by us. With the support of the manual we developed, it adapts materials to the needs of the city and its institutions.

since 2023
Design team:
Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki, Julek Wierzchowski, Patrycja Mola, Rafał Pyrczak
City team:
Dawid Wacławczyk, Karolina Kunicka

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