Radio Kraków was identified by its previous logo for nearly 20 years. Though, it was never accompanied by a consistent corporate identity concept thus the symbol didn't stand the test of time and got out of step with the ambition of the radio station. At the same time Radio Kraków has undergone a substantial metamorphosis, positioning itself as an ambitious and modern counterweight to tabloidized media.

The new logo of Radio Kraków relates to the previous mark, constituting its modernized and simplified continuation. We kept the symbols, the characteristic composition and recognizable dark blue colour scheme. The name is better displayed becoming legible and clear. The new mark is simpler, distinct and simply more manageable.








"Along with the logo the whole visual identity has changed. The Radio's main headquarters has undergone a complete makeover and so did the local branches. The newly designed information and promotional materials consititute a consistent, unified set."
Rebrandingowi towarzyszyła intensywna, zewnętrzna kampania wizerunkowa. Jej głównym zamysłem była lokalność oraz precyzyjna lokalizacja, dobrana tak, by reklama wchodziła w dialog z miejscami, w których się pojawia. 

Creative direction / concept: Marcin Wolny
Design: Marcin Wolny, Julek Wierzchowski, Tomasz Jurecki

Simple, short slogans referred to the thematic auditions, debates and on-air campaigns and also linked to the Radio's webpage and fanpage, welcoming the audience to take part in the discussions on essential, current topics. The campaign had four local editions, dedicated to the future of Hotel Cracovia, Nowy Sącz town, Tarnów and Nowa Huta district.