The new energy of RAS

Ringier Axel Springer stays ahead of the curve. And not just in the sense it deals with delivering only the latest news.

Brand strategy

Brand image analysis
Visual codes of categories
Brand architecture and portfolio
Research, trends
Style, tone

Visual identity

Sub-brand labelling system
Icons and infographics
Motion design
Sound design

Written identity

Brand dictionary


Video editing
Material selection, technical preparation


Pitch deck, sales deck
Social media framework
Photo shoot – art direction
Film – art direction
Design system
Brand manual online


User Experience Design
Web Design

The brand consistently evolved in the recent years – from a publisher of print media to a technologically advanced company offering numerous digital solutions. Our task was to refresh the visual identity in line with this change. We developed new brand architecture as well as the visual and written storytelling.

Creative Concept

We began our work by translating the new strategy expressed in the slogan “we empower free decisions” into a creative concept. We were looking for something to add energy. We decided to merge the colorful segments present in the existing logo, creating a gradient power strip.

The colorful segments referenced the printing technique and emphasized the company’s lineage. The gradient power strip connects RAS with the digital world.

Brand Architecture

RAS has a rich portfolio of names such as Onet, Newsweek, Forbes, and Business Insider, as well as many other sub-brands, events, initiatives, and departments. They are also interconnected – much like the colors in the logo.

We proposed a typographic solution that references newspaper headlines.

Flexible Design System

The new branding is cohesive and allows for creation of diverse communications. It encompasses the entire brand without overshadowing the individual sub-brands.

The layouts vary in visual intensity and depth. From minimalist corporate materials to dynamic event presentations.

For official corporate materials, we designed a minimalist graphic layout, while employer branding and company initiatives received more energy and colorful accents.

Audio identity

The new identity has various levels of intensity. We also developed them for sound identification.

Corporate website

The project involved a complete overhaul of the information architecture, preceded by defining the target audience of the website and their needs. The new corporate website not only presents the structure, mission, and vision of RAS but also comprehensively showcases all brands in the portfolio with particular emphasis on their advertising potential. In terms of storytelling, we focused on the highest value of RAS, which is people and technology.

The gradient offers great potential in digital applications.

Design & Art Direction:
Julek Wierzchowski, Oksana Shmygol, Tomasz Jurecki, Patrycja Mola, Mariusz Czepiec, Łukasz Wojtysko, Mirek Kliś
The Clien's team:
Bartek Kozłowski, Karolina Sznajder, Kinga Szurmiak, Małgorzata Kuś

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