RMF FM - largest music and information radio station

A comprehensive rebranding of the RMF Radio Group – the first private radio station in Poland.

Rebranding: Brand strategy

Brand analysis and diagnosis
Research, trends
Style and tone

Visual identity

Logos for RMF FM, Maxxx, Classic, RMF24
Identification system within the RMF Group
Key visual


Material selection, technical preparation
Brand manual

A comprehensive rebranding of the RMF Radio Group: the main RMF FM station, the pop RMF MAXXX, the music-literary RMF Classic, and the news portal RMF24.

The new typography of the RMF acronym was designed from scratch to correspond with the characteristic yellow background of RMF, but it can also function independently, with only its shape suggesting its presence.

The task was to refresh the logos (while maintaining their individual character) and develop a cohesive system for the group.

RMF MAXXX Logo – the aggressiveness of the previous logo gave it character but no longer suited the pop station and dangerously resembled Roxy FM. The new logo has a softer expression while retaining recognizable features. It is also adapted to the new organizational system of the RMF Group.

RMF Classic logo – primarily required a qualitative change. The new logo, inspired by Chopin’s signature, has a similar shape and character to the previous one and is also adapted to the RMF Group’s system.

Studio team:
Marcin Wolny, Jan Bielak, Christoph Dunst, Maciej Ochęcki

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