Talixo - transport on demand

A platform for booking taxis and limousines that leverages methods and technology from the airline industry.

Brand strategy

Brand and category diagnosis
Desk research analysis
Style and tone

Visual identity

Key visual
Graphic elements
Icons and infographics
Motion design


Communication framework templates
Pitch deck template
Sales deck template
Photo shoot guidelines
Design system
Brand manual

Passengers receive the full package. The price and comfort are tailored to their needs, and both the car and driver are verified. They can sit back and enjoy a comfortable ride.

Talixo communicates with various target groups. Different branding elements—color, typography, photos, and illustrative materials—are used to create diverse messages.

We aimed for individual customers to quickly understand how Talixo works. Friendly messages were created using vibrant colors, photos, and oversized illustrations.

Materials for drivers and taxi company representatives feature less orange color. Enlarged logo elements and photos are also used. This is a more formal way of communicating Talixo.

By changing the photos to black and white and using more striking typographic and layout solutions, we created visuals for corporate clients and investors.

The primary font for Talixo is the sans-serif Theinhardt, used for slogans or titles. In longer texts and documents requiring online editing, the neutral and readable font Roboto is used.

The primary color of the brand is bright orange — positive, strong, and very distinctive, inspired by classic transportation signage and design.

The style of icons is reminiscent of road signs and airport signage. Depending on the need, icons can be used as illustrative and decorative elements or as smaller functional icons that help explain how the service works.

Design team:
Oksana Shmygol, Julek Wierzchowski, Paulina Duźniak, Mirosław Kliś

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