TLC – Safe contruction

TLC specializes in the equipment essential for construction and industrial projects. In addition to providing well-thought-out solutions, it offers support throughout the entire process: from the start of construction to its completion.

Brand strategy

Diagnosis of the current state of the brand
Category analysis
Target group analysis
Mission, vision, values
Brand architecture and portfolio
Brand positioning
Communication strategy
Style and tone of narration

Visual identity

Logo redesign
Sub-brand signage system
Key visual
Icons and infographics
Motion design

Written identity

Brand dictionary


Photo shoot – art direction
Selection of photos and illustrations

Wdrożenie i obsługa

Implementation plan
Design system
Brand manual
Motion design
Social media communication framework
Pitch deck, sales deck
Promotional materials

Change process in the company

Together with the client, we developed a brand strategy and communication principles. The first task was to organize the brand architecture and product portfolio.

Brand architecture

We unified the sub-brands through visual and written communication. From now on, they support the main TLC brand and influence each other.


Competitive companies base their communication on product and price positioning. We saw this as an opportunity to differentiate the TLC brand in the market.

The new brand strategy and communication principles are based on a common need shared by all TLC customers: ensuring peace of mind during the complex construction process.

Idea – protection symbol

We emphasized peace and safety with a simple symbol constructed similarly to the logotype letters. It symbolizes care, protection, embracing, securing, and fencing off the construction site.

The symbol embraces and creates a protective field.

From Brand Symbol to Details

We translated the modularity of the offerings and products into the way graphic elements are constructed – the logotype, protection symbol, icon details, and cutouts in the fills. This ensured graphic consistency from the brand symbol to the smallest details.

Modular Design System

The new design system is flexible and easy to apply in both digital media and print. It is based on simple composition principles and three main types of layouts: branding, product, and technical.

since 2023
Design team:
Julek Wierzchowski, Tomasz Jurecki, Patrycja Mola, Paweł Loedl, Przemek Żyła, Łukasz Wojtysko, Mirek Kliś
TLC team:
Anna Bednarz, Klaudia Kalisio

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