Our first projects were created at a time when such words as “logotype” and “visual identity system” were just entering the Polish market. The studio was established in 2006 as a result of the merger of two companies – “Studio Otwarte” by Marcin Wolny, specializing in applied graphics, and “MK Group” by Mirek Klis, specializing in web development and positioning.

In 2018, Oksana Shmygol and Yulek Wierzchowski, associated with the studio since 2010, became partners in the company.

In 2022, its co-founder Marcin Wolny left the studio, devoting himself to his own projects, education and work for the development of the design industry.

In 2024, Tomek Jurecki, a designer who has been associated with the studio for many years, became a partner in the company.

From the beginning, we have been a place that combines different design perspectives and competencies, from strategic to DTP. We have always operated on two tracks, preparing materials for public institutions and commercial companies. We carried out projects for Polish and foreign brands, which, with our help, took their first steps or opened a new chapter in their history, deciding to rebrand.

We would never be what we are if it weren’t for the wonderful designers, copywriters and copywriters, and programmers who shared their personalities and talents with us.

Our studio consisted of: Marcin Wolny, Helena Prylowska, Konrad Rządowski, Artur Laszczka, Jan Drozd, Piotr Fedorowicz, Ula Krzyzak, Maciek Ochęcki, Marek Wadas, Tomek Kowalczyk, Antek Korzeniowski, Jasiek Bielak, Emilia Obrzut, Paulina Duźniak, Marysia Smaga.